Daka Mountain Park

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A stunning serpentine route winds its way through the mountains from Makkah's inner area to the plateau where Taif is situated, passing through fruit shops, rose plantations, and deep gorges. At the peak, the 10,000 square metre Daka Mountain Park provides breathtaking views of the surrounding mountain range. The splendour of the juniper tree greens, the fragrance of aromatic plants, and the gushing of waterfalls are what give the area its attraction. 


Visitors get the captivating experience of feeling as though they are hugging the skies at a highland that is fragrant with its trees and flowers.

The highest peak in the area, Al-Shafa, lies 25 kilometres southwest of Taif and is reached via paved roads known as Aqabat Al-Shafa. Numerous climbers are drawn to this range because of its varied topography and extension of the Sarawat mountain range. The rocky mountain has numerous grooves that climbers might use to speed up their ascent.

It is one of the locations that satisfies the love of safari enthusiasts using SUVs or mountain bikes because of its topography and natural richness. The Shafa Tourist Center offers a wide range of lodging and recreational opportunities amidst stunning surroundings.

Due to the region's growing popularity, tourists may now ride camels and four-wheel drive sand buggies and eat a variety of street fare. Additionally, there are terraces for picnics and barbecues, and for those who want to stay longer, there are a number of straightforward spas.

The Al-Muhammadiyah Mountain pass road near Dakka Mountain Park offers visitors an amazing experience going along the mountains, plains, and coast. It is surrounded by nature and has a path for climbing and mountaineering. Visitors can also enjoy a trip by cable car from the heights of the Sarawat Mountains to the coast of the Red Sea.

The boundaries of Al-Shafa run from Wadi Ardah in the south to the extremely steep mountains of Tihama, and from Awf and Thumala in the west to Kinana and Hudhayl. The mountains' tops are comparable to those of Mounts Dhaka and Qarnit, and they tower above the Red Sea by around 2,500 metres.

Because the peak of Al-Shafa is the last location in Taif from which the sun sets, it is used to determine when to pray, fast, and eat iftar during the holy month of Ramadan.

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