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If you want to learn more about Taif's rich history and culture, go to the Al Shareef Museum. The museum tells historical tales about the past of the area and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The name of this private museum is attributed to Al-Shareef Ali bin Malbas. He gathered historical artifacts for his one-of-a-kind collection from several auctions, which include regional treasures such as old antiques, antique furniture, paintings, and other antiquities. 


  • Old stone was used to build the museum's huge traditional structure, including jittering rain gutters from the roof. One of the museum's standout features is the several wooden doors embellished with iron frills, giving the building a strikingly historic architectural character. In addition, magnificent lanterns hang on each home to illuminate the museum lanes.

  • The museum is housed in a classic, 6,000-square-metre structure in the Umm Al-Sebaa district. The Al Shareef Museum displays a sizable collection of historical objects and relics, organizing them according to their use and area of expertise. Visitors understand how the nation's forebears lived in the past thanks to this beautiful collection.

  • The museum has collections related to Bern's history, ranging from prehistoric times to the present, and many artifacts on display from the Arab world. The museum holds the halls of every group, which include weapons of swords, guns, daggers, and spears in the hall alone, in addition to espresso tools in a dedicated region and utensils, agriculture, clothing, and adorns. Life-size replicas of the ancient living spaces used by men and women hundreds of years ago can be found. 

  • A staggering array of old-fashioned books, old Holy Quran manuscripts, and breathtaking collections of priceless objects from when the Saudi state was established are on show in another museum area. 

  • Other fascinating artifacts, such as vintage cameras, radios, and timepieces, are available for visitors to investigate. The collection of 30 distinct vintage cars, including a 1926 Ford, is what most tourists find to be the tour's highlight. These automobiles shed light on the early days of the automobile and how they differed from modern motor vehicles.

  • The museum offers a market with a great assortment of old weaponry, trinkets, and clothing that represents the typical folk outfits of the area. 

  • Artisans, carpenters, sculptors, and tailors have their market section where they can work on various tasks. This area has a variety of stalls and shops, each of which is devoted to a specific craft and has equipment specific to that craft. These artisans and craftspeople also offer tourists unique keepsakes.

  • The Al Shareef Museum's weekly auction of numerous rare artifacts is its most notable and distinctive feature. Most agree that these auctions are the private museum's main draw, drawing numerous amateur and expert collectors each week.
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As Sadad, Taif 26514 Saudi Arabia

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