Temple of Umm Ubayd

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The Temple of Umm Ubayd is an ancient Egyptian temple located in Siwa, an oasis in the Western Desert of Egypt. This temple was built during the Ptolemaic period, between the 3rd and 2nd centuries BCE, and is dedicated to the god Amun.

The temple was rediscovered in the 19th century by the British explorer and archaeologist George Alexander Hoskins, who described it as one of the most remarkable archaeological sites in Egypt. However, the temple has remained largely unexcavated and poorly preserved.

The Temple of Umm Ubayd consists of a main sanctuary surrounded by a courtyard and a number of subsidiary rooms. Efforts are being made to preserve and protect this important historical site.

How to explore the Temple of Umm Ubayd?

  • Visit the temple, which was known as an important pilgrimage site in ancient times. It is also known for its unique architecture and historical significance.
  • One of the most interesting features of the Umm Ubayd temple is the presence of a number of inscriptions in the Meroitic language, which the rulers of the Kingdom of Kush in ancient Nubia used. These inscriptions suggest that the temple had an important role in the trade relations between Siwa and Nubia.
  • Explore the sanctuary that contains a large statue of Amun and whose walls are decorated with scenes of various deities and mythological figures.
  • The oasis has several natural hot springs where you can relax and unwind. The most famous is Bir Wahed, located in a beautiful desert setting with crystal-clear water.
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    2 hours

Address of Temple of Umm Ubayd

6G2V+RW7, Siwa, Matrouh Governorate 5011431, Egypt

Opening & Closing time of Temple of Umm Ubayd

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