Capo Caccia Vertical Cliffs

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The Capo Caccia Vertical Cliffs are a group of imposing cliffs that may be seen on the Italian island of Sardinia. Rock climbing and base jumping are common activities on these cliffs, which can be found on the island's northeastern shore, close to the town of Alghero.

The cliffs rise to a height of more than 183 meters (nearly 600 feet), providing breathtaking perspectives of the Mediterranean Sea.


  • Indulge in adventure sports here:

The cliffs make for an ideal takeoff and landing location in the sport of paragliding due to its panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea and the natural environment.

  • Fishing on the sea will rewind your memories to the childhood:

At the end of May each year, a religious ritual is held at the base of the cliffs. During this ceremony, a statue of the Virgin Mary is blessed, and then it is taken out to sea to be fished.

  • Take a tour of the lighthouse:

The lighthouse of Capo Caccia is perched at the top of the cliffs, providing breathtaking views of the coastline and the water below.

Visitors are required to pay to ascend to the peak.

  • Spend some time exploring the Necropolis of Anghelu Ruju:

It is a complex of Domus de Janas that dates back to the Bronze Age and is located a short distance from the cliffs. This pre-Nuragic necropolis dates back to prehistoric times.

  • Visit the ancient town of Alghero:

The town of Alghero is located nearby and is famous for its old town that has been carefully conserved. The old town features traditional architecture and small streets, and visitors can learn about the town's rich heritage and history.

  • Eating seafood will tantalize your tastebuds:

Sardinia has a long tradition of eating seafood. The city of Alghero is famous for its delectable seafood dishes, such as seafood pasta, fish soup, and barbecued on a grill.

  • A day at the beach:

If you want to combine your trip with a day at the beach, there are various beaches in the area, including the well-known Maria Pia beach and the Lazzaretto beach.

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Sardinia, Italy

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