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Commonly known as the Mission San Jose de Guadalupe, San Diego is home to a historic Spanish mission called Mission San Jose. Spanish Franciscan priest Father Fermin Francisco de Lasuen established the 14th of the 21 Spanish missions in California on June 11, 1797.

Apart from establishing a strong foothold for the Spanish empire in North America, the missionaries' main mission was to convert the local Native American population to Christianity. Built in the Spanish Colonial style, the mission had constructed a huge church and housing for the priests and other mission employees. Some sections were preserved for workshops and housing for the Native American converts. The aim was to create an agricultural and farm animals society that could sustain itself.

More than a thousand Native American converts lived at the mission back then and they were taught about Christianity along with training in agriculture and other trades. The church was renovated and reopened as a parish in the nineteenth century. Since its designation as a National Historic Landmark, Mission San Jose, in today's era, welcomes visitors from all over the world.

How to explore Mission San Jose?

  • Check out the museum and learn about the history of the mission and the Native Americans who were accommodated in the housing section. Discover the influence the mission system had on the lives of Native American converts and view samples of their crafts, artwork, etc.
  • Opting for a guided tour is the best way to learn about the history and importance of Mission San Jose. Experienced guides will lead you to the church, museum, and other structures on the grounds.
  • Explore the gorgeous gardens, fountains, and walkways that make up Mission San Jose's park-like grounds. A stroll around the grounds is a great way to take in the tranquil setting.
  • Be present to attend a Catholic Mass in the majestic Mission San Jose, which is still an active parish. You feel at peace after attending one of these masses. While you are in the church, you can admire the original artwork, like the statues, altars, and paintings.
  • Buy souvenirs like books, postcards, jewelry, and more in the mission's gift shop that presents the mission's history and culture.

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Address of Mission San Jose

6701 San José Drive, San Antonio, Texas, 78214. USA

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