Al Hamra Mall

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Located in the United Arab Emirates in the retail Emirate, Ras al Khaimah, Al Hamra Mall offers a fantastic tourist experience for both local and international visitors. This iconic shopping mall is situated on the main street near the center of the city and provides an array of shopping, leisure, and dining amenities alongside exclusive offers, events, and promotions.

Shopping at Al Hamra Mall:

Shoppers of all kinds will find something to their taste due to the wide variety of retailers available. With international brands, luxury stores, family-owned businesses, and local outlets, there is something for everyone. However, it isn’t just the vast shopping selection that makes Al Hamra Mall such a unique experience. It also offers some of the best dining and buffet options available in the area. From gourmet burger joints and a rooftop Arabic restaurant to lounges and cafés, there’s something for everyone.

Activities at Al Hamra mall:

As if that wasn’t enough, Al Hamra hosts a range of leisure activities, including the popular Al Jazeerah Amusement Park which offers a range of thrilling rides, children's rides, educational exhibits, and family-friendly activities. Located at the heart of the mall, this is the perfect place for families to let off some steam. For those looking for something a little more calm and relaxed, the center also houses a mini-golf course, cinema complex, bowling alley, and live entertainment stage.

Other key attractions include the recently-opened aqua park, Sitra, which features a range of water-based rides, slides, and other fun activities for adults as well as kids. The shopping center also boasts a huge range of exhibitions, events, and performances throughout the year, providing locals and tourists alike with a unique and enjoyable experience. Lastly, the World Trade Centre halls, situated in the center, offer business activities and conferences, though it is currently available only to registered members, who are resided in Al Hamra.

By providing such a wide array of services, Al Hamra Mall has established itself as one of the go-to destinations for locals and tourists alike, from all over the world. Experience the true culture of Ras al Khaimah, with the added benefit of hassle-free shopping, and an array of leisure facilities; Al Hamra Mall is the perfect place to explore and shop.

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Address of Al Hamra Mall

E11 Sheikh Mohamed Bin Salem Rd - Al Hamra Village - Ras al Khaimah - United Arab Emirates

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