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The capital of the Czech Republic is packed with fantastic landmarks. Then again, the Charles Bridge has to be in the top five most impressive landmarks. This medieval structure is not just one of the world's most well-known bridges but also has inextricable ties to Prague's golden age. 

The dimensions of Charles Bridge are 516m in length, 9.5m in width, 13m in height, and 15 pillars support it. It is also a section of the Royal Route. The Gothic bridge towers on either end of Charles Bridge, which spans the Vltava river with 16 pillars, immediately draw the eye. Mounted in two rows over the bridge are three tens of exquisite statues.

Things to do at Charles Bridge

  • Charles Bridge is also known as Shooter's Island. The island's northernmost point offers stunning views of Prague. 
  • Climb one of the towers that flank Charles Bridge if you can. It's one of our favorite suggestions for amusing, postage stamp-style pictures with an aerial perspective. Then, consider the Hotel Pod V, located beneath the tower, for a true treat.
  • Rent a rowing or pedal boat. These little boats are a cute, cheap, and charming way to explore Prague's Charles Bridge. You may rent them from Slavonic Island, close to the National Theater, or the Old Town side of Charles Bridge Prague for around 200 CZK per hour.
  • A statue of St. John of Nepomuk is located on the north side of the bridge, about halfway down. According to legend, rubbing the plaque will lead you to revisit Prague someday. 
  • View the sculptures of thirty statues and search for the various obscured figures and symbols.
  • Kampa Park is the eatery beneath the bridge! The steak is excellent, and the view of the river and the bridge at night are visible from the window.
  • Bellevue is a first-rate restaurant with exceptional food and service close to Charles Bridge. From some seats, you can see the river.
  • Try out the exquisite western cuisine at the Mlynec restaurant near the bridge.
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Address of Charles Bridge

Karlův most, Prague, Czech Republic

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