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Congress Street is a major thoroughfare in Portland, Maine, United States, that stretches from southwestern border with Westbrook and passes through various neighborhoods before culminating at Munjoy Hill's Eastern Promenade. It is one of the busiest streets in Portland and the western part of the street is home to a variety of businesses, attractions, and cultural institutions.

Starting from the eastern end, Congress Street begins at the Portland Observatory, which is a historic maritime signal tower that provides stunning views of the city and harbor. It then passes through the Old Port, which is a vibrant district that features many restaurants, shops, and galleries housed in historic buildings. Along the way, visitors can admire the brick-lined streets, and historic architecture.

As Congress Street moves away from the Old Port, it passes by several notable landmarks, including the Portland Museum of Art, the Maine Historical Society, and the Children's Museum and Theatre of Maine. The street is also home to a number of theaters, including the State Theatre, which hosts concerts and other performances throughout the year.

Things to do at Congress Street

  • Visit the Portland Museum of Art: The museum is located at 7 Congress Square and features a collection of American and European art, as well as contemporary art exhibitions.

  • Explore the Old Port: The Old Port is a popular destination for shopping, dining, and nightlife. Stroll along the cobblestone streets and visit the many unique shops and galleries.

  • See a show at the State Theatre: The State Theatre is a historic venue located at 609 Congress Street that hosts a variety of concerts, comedy shows, and other performances throughout the year.

  • Visit the Maine Historical Society: Located at 489 Congress Street, the Maine Historical Society offers exhibitions and educational programs that explore the history of Maine and its people.

  • Explore the Eastern Promenade: Congress Street leads to the Eastern Promenade, a scenic park with walking trails, playgrounds, and stunning views of Casco Bay.

  • Check out the Children's Museum and Theatre of Maine: The museum, located at 142 Free Street, offers interactive exhibits and activities for children of all ages.

  • Visit the Portland Observatory: Located at the eastern end of Congress Street, the Portland Observatory is a historic maritime signal tower that offers panoramic views of Portland and Casco Bay.
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