Kings Park and Botanic Garden

You can visit the beautiful Kings Park and Botanic Garden in Perth, Western Australia. Located atop Mount Eliza, it boasts sweeping views of the Swan River and the city of Perth below. The park is over 400 hectares (990 acres) in size.

Kings Park and Botanic Garden have been given the prestigious Mayfair location on Perth's very first Monopoly board. The park contains a beautiful Botanic Garden showcasing various Western Australian native plants. It is home to over 3,000 plant species, including endangered and uncommon species. The botanic garden functions as a research and conservation center for the flora of Western Australia.

Kings Park provides panoramic vistas of Perth's skyline, the Swan River, and the Darling Range. It also contains many memorials and monuments honoring Australian servicemen and women, such as the State War Memorial and the Kings Park War Memorial.

The park has a unique building with a spiral staircase called the DNA Tower. It is 15 meters (49 feet) tall and gives people a wide view of the grounds and cityscape around it.

Visitors can hire paddleboats on the lake at Synergy Parkland in Kings Park, which is also home to a dinosaur-themed playground and stunning plants. There are picnic tables and grills, so it's great for families.

Things to do at Kings Park and Botanic Garden

Explore the Botanic Garden: Take a stroll through the expansive Botanic Garden and discover a vast array of Western Australian native plants and blossoms. Appreciate the tranquil atmosphere, discover the unique flora, and appreciate the stunning landscapes.

Walk the Lotterywest Federation Walkway: Explore the park's canopy from atop the elevated walkway. Spend some time in the beautiful gardens and bushland, spot wildlife, and take in the sights.

Visit the War Memorials: Honor the sacrifices of Australian servicemen and women by visiting the State War Memorial and the Kings Park War Memorial. These memorials provide a historical and reflective element to the park.

Discover Indigenous Heritage: Learn about the history and culture of the local Aboriginal people through the park's interpretive signs and resources for instruction. Find out what the land has meant to Indigenous people in the past and how it is connected to them.

Take Guided Tours: Join a guided tour to enrich your visit and acquire a deeper understanding of the park's history, botanical marvels, and Indigenous heritage. There are a variety of tour options, including walking excursions and Aboriginal cultural tours.

Enjoy Family-Friendly Areas: The Lotterywest Family Area is an ideal destination for families seeking a fun-filled day out. This area boasts a spacious playground, well-equipped picnic facilities, and expansive open spaces that offer ample opportunities for kids to engage in various outdoor activities. The Synergy Parkland is a popular destination among children, because of its exciting dinosaur-themed playground and enjoyable paddleboat rentals.

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Address of Kings Park and Botanic Garden

Fraser Ave, Perth WA 6005, Australia

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Kings Park and Botanic Garden

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