Bryant Park

'Bryant Park, based in the heart of Manhattan, is a picturesque and inviting green space that heartily welcomes both city dwellers and visitors. The park spans nine acres and is flanked by skyscrapers, offering a sense of calm to an otherwise hectic metropolis.

You'll be greeted by a scintillating display of flowers and vegetation as you enter the park. As you make your way to one of the park's numerous seating areas, the sounds of flowing water from the park's ornate fountain offer a calming sensibility. Bryant Park is the best-liked area to relax, read, or simply admire the green environs.

Throughout the year, the park also hosts a gamut of cultural events, ranging from outdoor movie screenings to live music and dance performances. The park's culinary kiosks serve a delectable assortment of delights, varying from ice cream and crepes to artisanal sandwiches and salads.

Bryant Park's most esteemed feature, though, is its towering carousel. The carousel is a playful homage to the park's heritage, which dates back to the early twentieth century when it was housed as a prominent amusement park. Today, it's a cherished landmark that delights both youngsters and adults.

How to explore Bryant Park? 

  • Take a leisurely stroll through the park's well-manicured gardens and admire the colorful flowers and foliage.
  • Relax on one of the many park benches or chairs scattered throughout the park and bask in the ethereal atmosphere.
  • Enjoy a picnic on the stately lawn or grab a quick bite to eat from one of the park's food kiosks.
  • Visit the iconic Bryant Park Fountain and take in the soothing sounds of cascading water.
  • Challenge people to a game of chess or checkers on one of the park's outdoor tables.
  • Attend one of the many cultural events hosted in the park, such as outdoor movie screenings, live music and dance performances, and more.
  • Escape into another cosmos at the Reading Room, where you can borrow a book and enjoy a quiet moment of relaxation.
  • Take a spin on the park's enchanting carousel, a beloved fixture of the park and a joy for children and adults alike.
  • Immerse yourself in the splendor of New York City from the park's vantage point, encircled by towering skyscrapers and bustling city streets. 
  • imageDuration Required
    12 hours

Address of Bryant Park

New York, NY 10018, United States

Opening & Closing time of Bryant Park

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday

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