Mohammed Al Ameen Mosque

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The marble-covered masterpiece of Mohammed Al Ameen Mosque can be found in Oman, just off the Southern Expressway, at 62.5 meters above mean sea level.

Things to do at Mohammed Al Ameen Mosque:

  • Learn about the history and influence that shaped this site:

The construction of the mosque began in the year 2008 and continued until it was finished in the year 2014. As a result of the construction activity, people from Iran, Italy, Germany, Austria, India, and the United Kingdom came together to collaborate on design, materials, technologies, and artistic creation.

  • Embrace the air exquisitely as you behold the beautiful sight of the monument:

The mosque is widely regarded as one of Muscat's most significant places of worship. It is distinguished by its dazzling twin minarets, carved with intricate patterns, and its spectacular domes, which shimmer in the evenings.

  • Walk around the mosque and appreciate architectural beauty:

The mosque's interior is just as beautiful as the exterior, with tiled floors covering the grounds that make up the mosque. The pillars that support the prayer halls and the circular columns interspersed throughout the space are illuminated by a glittering chandelier suspended from the ornate ceiling. The primary Prayer Hall is 1616 square meters in size and has a capacity of 2100 people. The Main Prayer Hall and the Ladies' Prayer Hall have chandeliers finished with 24-karat gold plating and Swarovski crystals. The Main Prayer Hall chandelier is 11 meters tall, and the Ladies' Prayer Hall chandelier is 4.5 meters tall.

  • Study heritage art in the form of handcrafted details:

Islamic designs and calligraphy are carved by hand into 3,000 square meters of stone throughout the building. Richly carved wood and white marble are featured throughout the interior spaces, designed in a contemporary Omani style.

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Address of Mohammed Al Ameen Mosque

July 23 Street, Muscat, Oman

Opening & Closing time of Mohammed Al Ameen Mosque

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