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It should be no surprise that Amouage is called the 'scent of Oman.' Although they are an international luxury fragrance brand, Amouage has opened the doors to its factory to the general public to preserve Oman's centuries-old tradition of perfume-making.

Things to do at Amouage Perfumery:

  • Experience the passion:

Every day, human hands are put to work within this Amouage-pulsing architecture, shaping the brand's future. There, thoughts develop further and take form. They emerge from one world of ideals and enter another world of realities. In addition, this location is home to the company's creative hub, which is responsible for developing innovative, never-before-tested formulas, creating new textures, and sourcing one-of-a-kind materials to fulfill human imagination.

  • Learn more at the dedicated museum:

The Amouage Visitor's Centre is a museum space dedicated to tracing back the history of the House, from its beginnings in the dream of a Sultan to its blossoming years. The place is packed with a cutting-edge design that exemplifies everything you may hold dear, including a profound appreciation for handicrafts and innovation.

  • Embrace the spirit of the Omani traditions of hospitality and open-mindedness:

The Amouage Visitor's Center aspires to become a versatile and dynamic venue open to all, offering an innovative cultural experience in the heart of Oman and providing guests with a new perception of perfumes and Amouage, serving as a testament to the Omani traditions of hospitality and open-mindedness. The fragrances of the perfumes are immediately overwhelming as you step into the main foyer of the Amouage Perfumery. The grand displays at the factory are designed to complement the high-end reputation of the company.

  • Advent into the world of perfume manufacturing:

At the Amouage Perfumery and Visitor Centre in Muscat, you can see how this renowned brand creates incredible perfumes from the ground up. During this tour, you will get an up-close look at everything that goes into producing Amouage's signature products, beginning with obtaining ingredients from their in-house facilities and continuing through distilling, filtering, and packaging. This two-story factory, found in Seeb, Muscat, is responsible for the weekly production of nearly 30,000 bottles of perfume.

  • Deep dive into the procedure:

During your tour of the factory, you will have the opportunity to see how the production process at Amouage relies heavily on human labor and makes only limited use of machinery. You will have the opportunity to watch the workforce extract the flower essence and start the distillation process as they do so through the glass walls that surround the factory. After that, the scents are painstakingly combined in a separate room, and then the entire fragrance is painstakingly transferred into bottles that have been beautifully crafted. Even the wrapping of the bottles is carried out carefully and methodically.

  • Consider buying keepsakes for friends and family back home:

You can visit the Amouage factory's very own shop, where you can try various fragrances from their extensive collection in one location and even make a purchase.

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Address of Amouage Perfumery

Muscat, Oman

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