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Navigli, which derives its name from a network of canals, is quickly rising to prominence as one of Milan's most popular neighborhoods; there is much more to do here. Even though it's challenging to picture Milan without the mopeds zipping around its recognizable yellow trams and glossy Italian supercars, this was once a city that ran on water rather than gasoline. Only the Naviglio Grande and Naviglio Pavese remain of the several kilometers of canals that formerly crisscrossed the city. Between them and the Darsena, their point of intersection, there is now a trendy neighborhood filled with extraordinary, frequently undiscovered locales.

Things to do at Navigali

  • Join the locals post 5 o'clock when people swarm to the area's numerous canal-side lounges, which have recently emerged as the center of the city's post-work modern cultural scene.
  • Soak in the sunset. Observing the colors spill into their reflections in the canal over Naviglio Grande is, without a doubt, the ideal site to view the evening. When the sun is just beginning to drop, climb to the top of Naviglio Grande in Viale Gorizia to experience beauty.
  • Enjoy the new Darsena. The body of water that now links Navigli's two canals is known as the Darsena. It was recently revitalized and is now a well-liked spot to spend the evening.
  • In the summer, you may get a refreshing drink at one of the numerous kiosks or local taverns and sit along the harbor's bank with your feet in the water.
  • Make sure to stop by the indoor market on the bank if you can before it shuts to get snacks or stuff to cook. Plan a barbecue with your dear ones here.
  • You may also visit the Basilica di San Lorenzo church here. It is one of Milan's oldest churches and dates back to the fourth century. Located inside the Byzantine St. Aquilino church, constructed on the ruins of a Roman amphitheater, are frescoes dating back more than 1,500 years.
  • The neighborhood is home to several art galleries that focus on younger artists, in particular, consistently putting new talent on exhibit in stylish, contemporary settings.

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Address of I Navigli

Alzaia Naviglio Grande, 56, Milan, Italy

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