Duomo Rooftops

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The Duomo di Milano is unquestionably one of the country's most stunning Renaissance structures. People go from all over to marvel at the 14th-century-founded structure. The Duomo di Milano rooftop terrace, however, is what steals the show when it comes to this stunning architecture. The terrace can be reached by foot through a staircase of about 256 steps or by using one of two elevators to the first-level walkways, which takes only a few seconds on the rooftop.

How to explore Duomo Rooftops?

  • Explore the Cathedral Church of Milan, located inside the Duomo di Milano. It was built over six centuries back, dating to the 14th century. This church is dedicated to Santa Maria Nascente (Saint Mary of the Nativity).
  • The rooftop terrace of this church, which is large and contains a variety of gargoyles, sculptures, spires, and other stone carvings, is what makes it so distinctive. You may obtain a close-up view of a part of the city that is usually inaccessible in many other Italian towns and cities by walking on the rooftop and seeing the piazza and city below.
  • The Duomo is decorated with well over three thousand sculptures and spires. Check out the impeccable craftsmanship of these sculptures - 135 spires, 150 gargoyles or water spouts, 96 giants, embrasures, flying buttresses, and adornments.
  • The rooftop's northern and southern sides feature a pair of parallel walkways that rise to a height of around 45 meters (about 147 ft). These imposing stairways ascend to the breathtaking central terrace, where the air is comparatively more pleasant. This rooftop is your chance to unwind amidst the cool breeze.
  • The counterfaçade staircase is adorned with unique Candoglia marble features, such as Dante Alighieri's face, an icepick, a rope, a racket, a ball, and more.
  • The ideal position to see the Madonnina statue atop the Main Spire is from the central Rooftop, a spectacular location.

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Address of Duomo Rooftops

P.za del Duomo, 20122 Milano MI, Italy

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