Brera District

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Brera, one of Milan's most distinctive and picturesque neighborhoods, will charm you. Brera frequently ranks high on visitors' wish lists for Milan because of its bohemian beauty and vintage charm. But if you ask a local what there is to see, they might be baffled. Because the neighborhood is the primary draw, taking the time to meander around its charming streets and maybe stopping for a coffee or at one of the lounges in one of its squares will be the most characteristically Italian thing you can do. First, however, there are a few attractions you must see while you're in the neighborhood.

Things to explore in Brera

  • The Pinacoteca is an art gallery known as the pulsating artistic heart of the city and the neighborhood. Milan's oldest and most prominent art school is directly above this ancient museum. Through the gallery's glass walls, you can observe the restoration and storage of vintage pieces. With artwork by Caravaggio, Tintoretto, Rubens, and more, this lovely gallery will challenge you to resist falling hard like the lovers in Hayez's most well-known piece, 'The Kiss.'
  • Visit Palazzo Brera, a monumental palace. Check out the replica of Antonio Canova's statue of Napoleon as Mars the Peacemaker that can be found in the Palazzo di Brera. If you don't have enough time to explore the palace's maze of chambers, you should at least take a minute to stand in its courtyard. A bronze replica of Canova's statue that is as tall as the entrances is the pièce de résistance of the area.
  • The Biblioteca Braidense, one of Italy's most extensive and stunning national libraries, is located inside the same walls of the Palazzo di Brera that houses the art school and on the same floor as the Pinacoteca (but up a separate staircase, farther inside the structure). It obtains its name from the Latin word braida, which evolved into 'Brera.' After visiting the Pinacoteca, stay for some peaceful time to read about what you saw.

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