King Fahd Glorious Quran Printing Complex

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The Holy Qur'an is printed in Arabic and other languages at the King Fahd Glorious Quran Printing Complex located in Medina, Saudi Arabia. Apart from the Arabic language, the holy Quran is printed in English, Indonesian, Russian, Japanese, Persian, Urdu, Bengali, Korean, etc.

About 10 million copies are produced annually by the company. It employs 1,700 people. It has made the Qur'an available in 39 languages in 55 different translations. The Arabic Qur'an, recitations, text searches, translations, pictures of early Qur'anic manuscripts, and exegetical commentaries are all available on the company website. All Islamic sects frequently use the 128 million Qur'an books produced by The Complex since 1985. Uthman Taha calligraphed the original text.

Women are not permitted to enter some portions of the institution due to limitations. Since there are restrictions on visitor admission, obtaining permission and making plans in advance is preferable. People interested in visiting the complex should make travel plans in advance as long lines start to build over time.

How to explore King Fahd Glorious Quran Printing Complex?

- You can only see the printing process from above since the Holy Book cannot be handled without wudhu (ablution).

- Different kinds of Qurans are on show in glass cases throughout the property.

- When you leave the premises, you are also given a copy of the Holy book. Except for the elderly, who are given larger copies, everyone receives a little copy of the Quran.

- The Quran is not any typical book, and because Islam holds it in high regard, its printing differs significantly from that of other readers. Be sure to observe how the press's professionals cross-check the prints word by word to ensure there are no typos and that not a single word has been misprinted.

- Check out the several Quran copies that are available in the complex, ranging in size from miniature to quite large.

- If you are interested in printing the Quran and the processes that take place behind the scenes, this is an excellent instructive excursion for you.

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    2 hours

Address of King Fahd Glorious Quran Printing Complex

2384 Tabuk Horizon Road, 7620, Al Nakheel, Medina 42334, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Opening & Closing time of King Fahd Glorious Quran Printing Complex

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King Fahd Glorious Quran Printing Complex

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