King Khaled Bridge Park

Nestled amidst the serene landscape of Makkah, the King Khaled Bridge Park is a haven of tranquility and reflection. As you enter the park, you're greeted by a picturesque panorama that stretches across the horizon, offering breathtaking vistas of the surrounding natural beauty.

The heart of the park is a peaceful memorial area, a place where visitors can pay their respects to those who have passed on. Gravestones, adorned with heartfelt messages and adorned with fresh flowers, create a touching tableau of memories. Candles flicker softly, casting a warm glow that symbolizes the eternal light of remembrance.

Winding pathways lead you through lush gardens, inviting you to take leisurely strolls as you contemplate life's journey. Benches tucked beneath the shade of trees provide perfect spots for introspection, where you can find solace in the gentle whispers of the breeze and the rustling leaves. For those seeking a deeper connection, the park offers designated areas for meditation.

What to do in King Khaled Bridge Park?

  • Visit gravesites and pay respects to loved ones.
  • Leave flowers and light candles as symbols of remembrance.
  • Take leisurely walks along winding pathways.
  • Enjoy the stunning views of the surrounding vast landscape.
  • Reflect and meditate in designated peaceful spots.
  • Join guided tours to learn about the park's history and significance.

  • imageDuration Required
    3 hours

Address of King Khaled Bridge Park

Al-Naseem, Makkah Al-Mukarramah, Saudi Arabia

Opening & Closing time of King Khaled Bridge Park

  • Monday
    Open 24 Hours
  • Tuesday
    Open 24 Hours
  • Wednesday
    Open 24 Hours
  • Thursday
    Open 24 Hours
  • Friday
    Open 24 Hours
  • Saturday
    Open 24 Hours
  • Sunday
    Open 24 Hours

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