Île de Frioul

Pomègue, Ratonneau, Tiboulen, and If are the four islands that make up the Frioul archipelago, which faces Marseille.


Learn about how this arrangement came into existence:

Since 1971, the islands have belonged to the city of Marseille. The village of Port-Frioul grew alongside the port, which now has 700 moorings.

Ratonneau and Pomègues, two islands that makeup Frioul, are joined by a dyke that serves as a port. Ratonneau receives more visitors due to the Caroline Hospital and the Saint Estève and Margaret beaches, whereas Pomègues is more serene and unspoiled.

If you love the outdoors, Frioul is the place to nurture the botanist in you:

Despite being vulnerable, these islands are rich in wildlife and natural beauty. A rare, occasionally endemic flora has emerged due to the archipelago's dry climate. The island's fauna includes seabirds like the yellow-legged gull, also known as 'gabian' by the locals.

Bass and gilt-head bream are raised at the aquafarm on Pomègue island.

Water sports are conducted here, and some of them draw swimmers from across the globe:

At the 'Frioul en Mer' water sports facility, you can also engage in seasonal water activities like scuba diving, canoeing, and kayaking or rent a motor boat.

Around 800 swimmers gather every year in June for the Monte-Cristo challenge, a race that first took place in 1999 to see who can reach the 'Château d'If' first.

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