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There is no doubt that Union Station in Kansas City is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Midwest. This iconic train station was once the hub of America's railway system, and today it has been transformed into a vibrant cultural center for locals and visitors alike.

History of the Union Station:

The station's history dates back to 1914 when it first opened its doors to the public. At the time, Union Station was regarded as one of the most beautiful and modern train stations in the United States, with its grand architecture and state-of-the-art facilities. Today, visitors can still see the station's original design, as well as its impressive collections of art, science, and history exhibits.

Take a tour of the collection of world-class museums at the Union Station:

One of the highlights of Union Station is its collection of world-class museums. The Science City is one of the most popular attractions, offering interactive exhibits that showcase the wonders of science and technology. Visitors can try their hand at building a robot, exploring a rainforest, or learning about the mysteries of the human body. Another popular museum is the National World War I Museum, which features artifacts from the First World War and interactive exhibits that explore the impact of the war on American history.

Exhibits and events at the Union Station:

The station also hosts a range of cultural events throughout the year, including concerts, dance performances, and art exhibits. The outdoor plaza is a popular gathering place for locals, with its colorful fountain and public art displays. For those interested in dining and shopping, the Union Station also features a range of restaurants and shops, offering everything from local cuisine to souvenirs.

Union Station in Kansas City is a cultural, educational, and entertaining destination that should not be missed. With its impressive architectural features, diverse museum collections, and lively events, the station offers visitors a chance to learn about the history of America's railway system and experience the best of Midwestern culture. Union Station will leave a lasting impression on history lovers, science enthusiasts, and art enthusiasts alike.

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Address of Union Station

30 W Pershing Rd, Kansas City, MO 64108-2410

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