Jeddah Park Fountain

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Prince Muhammad Bin Abdulaziz Street is the location of Jeddah Park, a recently established and expansive shopping and entertainment complex in the city. Welcoming visitors at the entrance is a mesmerizing dancing fountain, adding to the grandeur of the building, which boasts four floors, hotel towers, and the city's inaugural museum of Islamic art. With 147 water jets performing a captivating aquatic dance synchronized with music and vibrant colors, the ambiance is truly enchanting.

Jeddah Park is a hub of amusement and recreational centers. While parents indulge in shopping delights, their children can revel in the joyous wonderland. The theme park regularly hosts live shows featuring beloved Disney characters or amusing clowns, ensuring endless entertainment for kids. For those seeking exhilarating experiences, the park offers the opportunity for bowling and other exciting games.

Sprawling across vast green lawns, the park also provides serene walking paths, comfortable seating, dedicated play areas for children, and culinary delights. To add a touch of magic to the evenings, the park is adorned with illuminated shapes such as deer, flamingos, flowers, frogs, and other captivating forms that come alive with dazzling colors after sunset.

Things to do near Jeddah Park Fountain:

- Experience the captivating sight of a dancing fountain at the park's entrance.

- Explore 'Octo City,' a fun-filled world for kids with laughter-inducing sounds and colorful lights.

- Enjoy live shows featuring beloved Disney characters or entertaining clowns at the park's theme park.

- Engage in thrilling games of bowling and other fun matches at 'Strike 10.'

- Savor a scrumptious array of quick bites from fast-food chains within the park.

- Unwind in the ambiance of indoor cafes, each offering unique vibes and experiences.

- Experience a taste of Parisian magic at the cafe 'Paul.'

- Indulge in a wide array of Saudi-made sweets at the renowned 'Candy Tree Cafe.'

- Discover the first-of-its-kind House of Islamic Arts, presenting over 1000 art pieces from diversified regions across Asia and Arab countries.

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Address of Jeddah Park Fountain

Al-Azizia, Jeddah 23334 Saudi Arabia

Opening & Closing time of Jeddah Park Fountain

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    Open 24 Hours
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    Open 24 Hours

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