Corniche Commercial Center

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Located in the heart of the old city, The Corniche Commercial Center proudly stands as one of Jeddah's earliest commercial hubs, attracting both locals and tourists alike. This beloved shopping center holds a special allure for visitors exploring the historic district, offering an array of enticing stores.

Renowned as a haven for all things related to beauty and fashion, The Corniche Center hosts a delightful assortment of perfume, cosmetics, and beauty product stores alongside trendy accessories, watch boutiques and fashionable textile shops. Adding to its charm, the center features a handful of ethnic restaurants, treating shoppers to delightful culinary experiences.

It is adjoining a waterfront area with scenic views and recreational activities. It features a long promenade along the Red Sea coast, where locals and tourists enjoy walking, cycling, and various leisure activities. Along the Corniche, there are several parks, playgrounds, and seating areas.

How to explore Corniche Commercial Center?

- Explore a delightful array of beauty products, perfumes, cosmetics, and trendy accessories, as well as an impressive selection of watches at the shopping destination.

- Discover the latest fashion trends at the stylish textile shops nearby.

- Embark on a culinary journey at the center's diverse range of ethnic restaurants, savoring delectable flavors from around the world.

- Delight in the picturesque waterfront area that offers breathtaking views and a plethora of recreational activities.

- Take a leisurely stroll along the enchanting long promenade that hugs the scenic Red Sea coast.

- For a more adventurous experience, rent a bike and pedal along the captivating coastline, enjoying the refreshing sea breeze.

- Indulge in an amazing range of leisure activities available along the Corniche, like fishing, jet skiing, and boating.

- Find moments of tranquility and relaxation in the charming parks, playgrounds, and cozy seating areas thoughtfully scattered throughout the area.

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Address of Corniche Commercial Center

Baishin Street, Jeddah Saudi Arabia

Opening & Closing time of Corniche Commercial Center

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