Aya Mall

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'Aya Mall caters to every desire, boasting an impressive selection of high-end fashion brands, exquisite jewelry stores, and outlets showcasing the latest in electronics and gadgets. For the fashion-conscious, the latest runway trends from renowned designers are displayed in opulent shop windows, enticing passersby to explore their unique collections. As you wander through its labyrinth of corridors, you'll stumble upon a diverse array of restaurants and cafes, offering a culinary journey like no other. 

Not merely a shopping destination, Aya Mall understands the importance of creating an immersive experience for its visitors. The carefully curated artwork adorning the walls add a stroke of sophistication and charm to the ambiance. Throughout the mall, strategically placed seating areas offer respite for weary feet, allowing shoppers to relax and soak in the vibrant atmosphere around them. There are also designated play zones for kids to be occupied while parents gorge on some food. 

How to explore Aya Mall? 

- Shop for high-end fashion brands and luxury items.

- Explore exquisite jewelry stores and find unique pieces.

- Check out the latest collection of electronics and gadgets at various outlets.

- Indulge in a diverse array of culinary delights at restaurants and cafes. Enjoy local delicacies and international cuisines at the eating destinations. 

- Participate in charity drives and community initiatives conducted by the authorities there. 

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    3 hours

Address of Aya Mall

M46C+G7P, Prince Sultan Street, Al Mohammadiyyah, Jeddah 23618, Saudi Arabia

Opening & Closing time of Aya Mall

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday

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