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The southern Jazan corniche's Jazan Heritage Village is a heritage landmark that preserves Jazan's ancient past while tying it to the city's thriving present. Through living representations of the civilizational and cultural richness of the area's various settings and terrains, visitors to this hamlet can view the past of the province.

According to the commision produced by Prince Muhammad bin Nasser bin Abdul Aziz, the governor of Jazan and also because of the success of the first Jazan Winter Festival, the hamlet was built in 2009. The festival is celebrated for the region's cultural and archaeological assets which is held in the Village.

Visitors can witness Al Baitul Tihami, the typical mud-built Jazan hut that gave the hamlet its name, Al Ousha Attiniya, further within the community (the mud nest). The occupants of this home enjoyed the Tihami way of life's simplicity and elegance. A bridge links the settlement and Al Baitul Farasani. With its pearls, sea, and shells, this traditional home represents Farasan Island.

Visitors can experience ancient commerce in the souk (traditional market) in the village's heart, where traditional pots, historical relics, and aromatic plants are on show. The scent of Arabian jasmine and pandanus tectorius permeates the area. The souk draws artists to display their wares and aids in promoting the traditional crafts of the area.

In addition to providing cultural heritage programs, unique programs for children and adolescents, and poetry reading events, the legacy village focuses on showcasing the various cultural features of Jazan, such as traditional arts and folkloric colors.

The village depicts the way of life of those who lived in Jazan in the distant past and who exploited natural resources to create furniture, homes, and household items, transforming Jazan into a great civilization. To foster continued work and progress, this village links the previous generations with the present one. The Jazan Winter Festival brings a lot of people to the Jazan Heritage Village each year to enjoy the local cuisine, history, and shopping.


  • History buffs and adventurers, this one is for you! Jazan is the place to go if you're interested in learning about the history of a Saudi village, from its illustrious past to its prosperous present.

  • For this winter season, Jazan Heritage Village is open to visitors, bringing generations of traditions together in one location. Visitors can marvel at real-life representations of the region's many geographies and historical contexts throughout the city.
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Address of Jazan Heritage Village

King Abdullah Road, Jazan Saudi Arabia

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