Rawal Lake

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Rawal Lake fulfills the city’s water needs and serves the people’s entertainment. On the other hand, nature also added to the beautiful and charming environment of the lake.

Things to do at Rawal Lake:

  • Escape into nothingness here:

Rawal Lake is among the Margalla Hills, which reflects wild nature to its visitors. It is one of the best points for picnics in Islamabad. On the weekends, one can find the hustle and bustle of families on this point. Rawal Lake is surrounded by a garden and trees, adding to the beauty of this lake.

  • Participate in the many private clubs that conduct adventurous activities:

For boating and fishing lovers, this lake also facilitates such experiences. Water skating, sailing, and diving are also adventurous activities organized on Rawal Lake. All of these activities allow new as well as old ones to get experiences from the water of this lake. Rawal Lake is a combination of many Entertainments.

  • Unwind and relax with some good food:

This lake provides fabulous views of Margalla Hills, automatically grabbing all the attention. Walking on the green grass of the lake gardens gives a sense of pleasure. On this beautiful point, there is also the facility for refreshment in the form of food. The delicious food items of nearby restaurants keep a connection between Rawal Lake and its visitor’s memory.

  • Explore the wildlife:

Rawal Lake also houses many animals, including yellow-throated marten, wild boar, jackals, snakes, etc.

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    4 hours

Address of Rawal Lake

Islamabad, Pakistan

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