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The Bird Aviary s in the locality of Bahria Town is the best of its kind in Pakistan and cannot be topped by any other park or facility in the country. This aviary offers a leisure learning experience in the natural world, with over 65 different kinds of local and exotic birds to choose from.

Things to do at Bird Aviary:

  • Located amid a breathtaking and peaceful setting, experience nature at its absolute peak:

The Bird Parks are designed to resemble botanical gardens and natural ecosystems. They provide visitors with the opportunity to have a spiritual experience while surrounded by hundreds of birds interacting with them the same way they would in their natural environment.

  • Explore the wealth of aviary life:

The aviary is home to a wide variety of bird species, including but not limited to doves, swans, ducks, peacocks, and cranes. White cockatoos, crown cranes, and green-winged macaws are some of the most popular birds, so visitors must get a chance to see them.

  • Educate yourself on the historical significance of each bird species:

The Bahria Town Bird parks provide an exceptional educational opportunity for people of all ages, including young children and their parents. Visit the birdwatching tower to obtain a more comprehensive view of the birds' habitat and a closer look at birds up close. The park is notable due to over 5000 birds belonging to 280 different species. Visitors come to the park mostly to see the birds.

  • Provide food for the birds:

Because the birds aren't afraid of people, it is possible to feed them, a delight especially appreciated by children.

  • Explore the neighborhood:

Pay a visit to Rawal Lake, which is located close to the aviary (facilities like boat-riding is present)

  • imageDuration Required
    3 hours

Address of Bird Aviary

Enclave Ave, Islamabad, Pakistan

Opening & Closing time of Bird Aviary

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