Piazza della Signoria

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Since the 14th century, when houses belonging to prominent families had to be demolished to make way for the new square, Piazza Della Signoria has served as the political center of Florence.

It served as the focal point for various ceremonial gatherings, rallies, and festivals. It is also the site of several of Florence's most well-known tourist attractions, including the Palazzo Vecchio, the Neptune Fountain, the Uffizi Gallery, the Loggia Dei Lanzi, and replicas of statues by Michelangelo and Donatello.


1. Visit Palazzo Vecchio:

The Piazza Della Signoria has always been and will continue to be the epicenter of activity in Florence, thanks to its prominent presence.

Because of the 91-meter tower that overlooks the piazza, the Palazzo Vecchio, one of Florence's most popular tourist destinations, is not hard to find. Its history, which dated back to the late 12th century and began with the construction of its fortress-like exterior, started during a time when powerful families and rulers were targets for attacks by rival states.

A replica of Michelangelo's David can be found to the left of the entrance to the palace, serving as a reminder of the statue's original location, which was moved to the Academia in 1873.

2. Arrive at Fountain of Neptune and admire the art:

The Fonte di Piazza, designed by Bartolomeo Ammanati, is the most impressive monument in the Piazza Della Signoria. It also serves as the square's centerpiece.

3. The National Museum and the Bargello Palace will offer a refuge for art lovers:

There is an entire room in the enormous Bargello Palace that is devoted to Michelangelo, and another room is devoted to the lovely glazed terra cotta reliefs that Giovanni Della Robbia created.

4. Loggia Dei Lanzi is an architectural marvel:

The loggia, considered one of the most outstanding examples of Florentine Gothic architecture, was utilized by the Republic of Florence as a stage for official ceremonies such as the reception of ambassadors and princes and the installation of public officers.

The entrance is guarded by two lions, one dating back to ancient Greece and the other of which is a copy from the 16th century. Inside are several significant sculptures.

5. Palazzo Gondi offers a royal experience:

The palace's interior was designed to reflect the wealth and prestige of the Gondi family, and it has been beautifully preserved to this day. The ceilings are spectacular, but for many people, the highlight is the opportunity to climb to the rooftop terrace, which provides exceptional views of Palazzo Della Signoria as well as a full view of the upper Duomo and Brunelleschi's dome.

6.Feel touristy at Badia Fiorentina

The pointy, ornate spire of the Badia stands in stark contrast to the square tower of the Palazzo Vecchio, as well as the rest of Florence's skyline.

Look for the portal from the 15th century that depicts a Madonna and Child made of glazed terra-cotta in the lunette of the building's Gothic facade.

7.Gucci Garden Galleria offers a luxe dose of style and glamour:

Fashionistas will want to admire the striking and frequently unexpected ways in which past and present Gucci designs and inspirations have been displayed as examples of Gucci's work.

Displays of the ground-breaking Haute mode creations by the design firm include gowns worn by famous actresses and a wall of Gucci handbags, including the well-known 'Jackie Bag.'

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