Piazza del Duomo

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Within the ancient centre of Florence, which is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Piazza del Duomo is known to be the beating heart of the city.


• Climb to the top of the Campanile:

To get a great up-close perspective of the breathtaking Cathedral, guests can ascend to the very top of the slender and tall Campanile structure. The travelers will have one of the most privileged views over the Duomo from the summit, and they will be able to observe features that are impossible to notice from the ground below.

• Awe at the beauty of the Battistero:

Possibly the most noticeable feature of the structure is its golden doors, which were designed by Pisano and Ghiberti and depicted scenes from the New Testament involving the lives of Christ and John the Baptist. These doors were constructed.

The dome of the Battistero is also quite lovely, and it features a golden mosaic ceiling that depicts the Last Judgement.

• Explore the Palazzo Vecchio:

The magnificent palace that once belonged to Cosimo di Medici now serves as the town hall for the city. This is a wonderful choice for anyone because it features a range of antique furniture in addition to beautiful paintings, carved wooden inscriptions, historical maps of the world, and more.

• Take pleasure in the local fare:

Pizza, gelato, pasta…

It is well-known all over the world that Italian cuisine is famous for its outstanding, time-tested dishes, and Florence is home to some excellent restaurants. Great dining alternatives may be found in the area surrounding the Piazza Della Signoria and the Duomo, such as pasta with wild boar or pizza from Naples.

Near these two famous sites, visitors can also find some of the finest ice cream shops, making it possible for them to cap off their Italian meal with superb hand-made gelato.

• Visit Orsanmichele

Even in modern times, visitors to the church can still see the holes in the ceilings that served as ducts for the grain poured into the building. Additionally, stunning works of art are the white altar and the windows made of stained glass.

• Massage the nose of the boar:

A covered market sells a wide variety of Florentine souvenirs, including postcards, sweatshirts, key chains, and adorable leather bags. There is a bronze boar on one of the market sides that the Italians lovingly refer to as 'Il Porcellino,' which translates to 'the piglet.' Following local customs, tourists are expected to place a penny into the boar's mouth. If the coin falls out, they will be blessed with good fortune, and caressing the boar's nose will ensure they return to Florence.

• Visit the Gucci Museum for a luxe experience:

Italy is the country of fashion, setting trends for centuries, and features many of the world's most sought-after brands. Gucci started its career in Florence, so it is fun for fashion addicts to explore their respective museums. The Gucci Museum is located on Piazza Della Signoria. Other than the permanent and temporary exhibitions, there is a chic café, a bookstore, a gift shop, and an icon store.

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Piazza del Duomo, Florence, Italy

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