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Kabak Koyu, in the southern part of Turkey, is a hidden gem and a little paradise that not many Turks know about. It is close to the tourist town of Ölüdeniz, but most of the world does not know about it, which makes it the perfect place to relax and take in the natural scenery.

It is a bay in Fethiye, which was discovered in 1987 and had a 200-meter-long beach in a wide valley with waterfalls and ponds. The bay is located in the village of Faralya, located in the south of Fethiye. The village is on a slope enclosing the sea and is covered with red pine forests. This village, where both these red pines and the uniquely colored blue meet, has been taken under protection as a first-degree protected area.

The bay is situated at the point where the valley meets the sea. Surrounded by dense slopes on three sides, the valley in the form of a canyon ends with the beach, approximately 200 meters wide. Aladere forms waterfalls and Ponds in the bay, which has a rare geological structure with its slopes and beach, which reaches approximately 800 meters. These waterfalls and ponds complete the unique landscape like the missing finishing touches of the canyon.

How to explore Kabak Koyu?

  • The 25 kilometers between Ölüdeniz and Kabak are filled with twisted turns and stunning vistas of the Mediterranean Sea and the mountains and valleys that surround it.
  • Kabak Köyü Beach is located at the bottom of a steep trail that is a part of the Lycian Way. You can take a jeep that can be rented to get you down the hill.
  • Stop at one of the adorable Tree House hostels for some downtime. You can eat at buffets themed after the Kabak culture. Some of these beachside inns provide yoga lessons. Do yoga in the most peaceful places in the world.
  • Spend the day lounging on the beach and swimming in the serene turquoise seas.
  • You will have a relaxing time where you can take in the scenery during your summer vacation here.
  • Some of these hostels also provide camping grounds at the beachside. Plan a camping trip at these places that are perfect for a thrilling camping experience.
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Address of Kabak Koyu

Faralya Koyu, Fethiye Turkey

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