The Souq Mall

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The Souq Mall in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, is a must-visit destination for locals and tourists alike. Located in the heart of the city, this magnificent mall offers an unforgettable shopping experience, as well as a variety of entertainment options. From high-end fashion brands to traditional Arabic handicrafts, the Souq Mall has something for everyone.

  • A range of shops and boutiques:

The Souq Mall boasts an impressive selection of shops and boutiques. Fashion enthusiasts will be delighted by the range of high-end international brands available at their fingertips. From Gucci to Prada, shoppers can indulge in the latest trends and designer pieces. Additionally, numerous local boutiques are offering traditional Arabian garments and accessories, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the rich cultural heritage of Saudi Arabia. This diverse mix of retailers ensures that every shopper's needs and preferences are catered to at the Souq Mall.

  • Indoor amusement park:

One of the most notable attractions is the indoor amusement park located within the mall. With thrilling rides, exciting arcade games, and lively entertainment shows, the amusement park promises a fun-filled day for children and adults. Families can also enjoy a cinematic experience at the mall's state-of-the-art multiplex cinema, featuring the latest blockbusters from around the world. These entertainment options make the Souq Mall a great place to spend quality time with loved ones.

  • Cultural exhibitions and festivals:

From art exhibitions showcasing local talent to cultural festivals celebrating Saudi Arabian traditions, there is always something happening at the mall. Visitors have the opportunity to engage with local artists, craftsmen, and performers, gaining a deeper understanding of the region's rich history and artistry. These events not only entertain visitors but also provide a platform for local talents to showcase their work, making the Souq Mall a valuable contributor to the cultural scene in Dammam.

The Souq Mall offers a wide variety of stores, thrilling entertainment choices, and cultural happenings that appeal to all types of visitors. It's more than just a shopping hub, as it also serves as a gathering place for art, culture, and community. It's no surprise that the mall has gained popularity as a tourist spot in Dammam.

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Address of The Souq Mall

7331 Yazid Ibn Ubaidah, Al-Hamra'a, 3793, Dammam 32421, Saudi Arabia

Opening & Closing time of The Souq Mall

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