Seven Falls

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Seven Falls is a stunning natural wonder that exemplifies Colorado's rugged terrain. The waterfalls are located in South Cheyenne Canyon, not far from Colorado Springs. Visitors from across the globe come to witness the amazing sight of water falling over seven stories of rock.

The thunder of the pouring water draws you closer to the falls as it cascades over the slick rocks of the canyon. Waterfalls are soothing to hear, but the mist that forms behind them may be quite invigorating. Climbing the stairs to the falls will reward you with a beautiful view of water rushing over the cliff in what appears to be an endless flood of movement. The lake's stunning color palette, ranging from blues and greens to whites and silvers, can be a staggering experience for newbies.

A breathtaking view of the canyon and neighboring mountains can be encountered from the pinnacle of the falls. The waterfalls have bedazzled visitors for well over a century, and it's easy to understand why.

How to explore Seven Falls?

  • Colorado Seven Falls is home to a network of hiking trails that meander through the canyon and provide breathtaking views of the falls and surrounding terrain. The difficulty of the trails varies, so there is something for everyone.
  • South Cheyenne Canyon, in addition to the falls, has a variety of natural beauties to explore. Hike, cycle, or drive into the canyon to see secret waterfalls, wildlife, and breathtaking landscapes.
  • If you want an adrenaline rush, take a zipline excursion through the canyon and over the falls. This is a fulfilling approach to appreciating the area's natural splendor.
  • Colorado Seven Falls offers guided tours that splurge information about the falls' history, geology, and ecology. This is an excellent approach to learning more about the natural wonder you're seeing.
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Address of Seven Falls

6 Lake Villa A côté de la Poste, Colorado Springs, CO 80905

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