Red Rock Canyon

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Geological forces over millions of years created the spectacular red rock formations that make the area famous. Mule deer, coyotes, and black bears are just a few of the many plant and animal species that call the park's roughly 1,500 acres home. The stunning red rock formations, diverse wildlife, and broad spectrum of recreational opportunities make this area a crown jewel of the American West.

Colorado's Red Rock Canyon offers a potpourri of outdoor recreation opportunities, including hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, and horseback riding. There are about 15 kilometers of hiking paths in the park, ranging in difficulty from basic to difficult, all of which provide stunning vistas. Most hikers frequent the Red Rock Canyon Route, although others favor the Contemplative Trail or the Mesa Trail.

In addition to its supplementary outdoor activities, Colorado's Red Rock Canyon also features a visitor center with educational exhibits and orientation on the park's history and geology. Cultural and natural resources, as well as upcoming events and activities, are all described and explained at the site's informative center.

How to explore Red Rock Canyon?

  • There are approximately 15 kilometers of trails in the park that provide spectacular views of the surrounding scenery. Hikers love the Red Rock Canyon Trail, which offers incredible seascapes of red rock formations.
  • The park is well-known for its outstanding rock climbing options. There are various climbing routes for you, ranging from easy to difficult.
  • Mountain cyclists have access to various trails throughout the park. The difficulty of the trails varies, so there is something for every enthusiastic cyclist.
  • Horseback riding is permitted in the park, and there are a number of pathways appropriate for equestrians like you.
  • Mule deer, coyotes, and black bears are among the animals that can be found in the park. You can perceive these animals with your eyes in their natural environments.
  • There are various picnic spots throughout the park where you can have lunch while fathoming the surroundings.
  • The park's beautiful red rock formations provide an excellent photographic opportunity for you to capture the most bizarre natural evolution.
  • Information and exhibits about the park's history and geology are available at the park's visitor center. You can educate yourself about the cultural and ecological resources of the area here.
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Address of Red Rock Canyon

south of U.S. 24 near 31st St. base of Pikes Peak, Colorado Springs, CO 80904

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