Garden of the Gods

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Garden of the Gods, equidistant from the central point of Colorado Springs, has been bewitching visitors for generations with its towering red rock formations, loveliest panoramas, and breathlessly exquisite beauty.

As soon as you enter the Garden of the Gods, you will feel a sense of peace and serenity engulf you. The sandstone monoliths that emerge from the earth appear almost unearthly as if they were planted there by a greater authority from the heavens. The rocks, contoured millions of years ago by erosion and upheaval, are tinted in red, orange, and pink. These geological formations create a captivating spectacle that will leave you in awe and wonderment.

The park's exotic flora and wildlife include ponderosa pine woods, scrub oak, and wildflowers like Indian paintbrush and goldenrod. The park also has bounteous wildlife, including deer, foxes, and even the occasional bear or mountain lion.

You will be surrounded by gorgeous sights and amazing views as you explore the Garden of the Gods. The park has a great diversification of hiking paths, ranging from casual strolls to difficult climbs, that will take you through some of the most stupendous landscapes you've ever seen.

How to explore the Garden of the Gods?

  • One of the novel ways to witness the wilderness of the park is on foot, and there are several trails to choose from. Any level of hiker, from those who prefer easy strolls to those who prefer challenging climbs, will find an appropriate route.
  • Give a shot for rock climbing on one of the park's towering sandstone cliffs if you're feeling adventurous. Visitors of all skill levels can participate in climbing trips and courses.
  • Go off the beaten path in a jeep with a guide and see undiscovered views that you on foot can't reach. There has never been a better moment to discover the park's fascinating geological history and present.
  • Seeing the park from atop on horseback is a thrilling and unique experience. Riders of all skill levels can enjoy these guided rides.
  • Gain insights about the natural history, ecology, and geology of Garden of the Gods at the park's nature center. In the center, you'll find interactive exhibits, a gift store, and a café.
  • Opt for picnicking in the park and take in the scenery at one of the many picnic tables.
  • Take advantage of the park's peaceful atmosphere by practicing yoga or meditation.
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    4 hours

Address of Garden of the Gods

1805 N 30th St Garden Of The Gods, Colorado Springs, CO 80904-1247

Opening & Closing time of Garden of the Gods

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