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The church of St. Martin is an outstanding illustration of the Neo-Gothic style, which was extremely well-liked in Normandy around the end of the 19th century.

One of the most impressive bodies of work to emerge from Lower Normandy in the latter half of the 19th century is a collection of fifty-one colored glass panels created in a workshop based in Evreux.

Because of these windows, the structure was transformed into a sacred chapel on the waterfront.


• Discover the history that is related to the location:

Because it was used as a church for fewer than ten years during the French Revolution, the square is called Place de la Revolution. In 1840, Saint Martin's Collegiate Church, considered one of the most prominent Gothic constructions in all of Alsace, was a historical monument. In 1572, a massive fire gutted the building, including the roof, the south tower, and the structure itself. Shortly after that, the church's lantern-shaped tower, which stood 71 meters high and gave the structure its distinctive aspect, was rebuilt.

• Be sure to pay close attention to the architectural nuances of the elevation:

It was built in the late 13th century from this recognizable pink sandstone that is particular to Alsace. Archaeological excavations were conducted in 1972, revealing artifacts dating back to the Carolingian period and the foundations of a Romanesque church.

The modernist masterwork that Étienne Triboulet completed in 2017 and placed above the eastern gate contrasts the magnificent rose window in the apse.

• Step inside, and once you're there, get ready to be captivated by some amazing visual treats:

The interior will draw you in, which features piped plainsong that adds atmosphere to the vivid light that comes in via the stained glass windows. The church is famous for several reasons, including its massive Baroque organ, its uniquely Alsatian ambulatory, and its explicitly antisemitic portraits that serve as a tribute to the Jews who perished during World War II.

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Address of Eglise St-Martin

18 Place de la Cathédrale, Colmar, France

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