Questacon has been an iconic tourist attraction located in the heart of Canberra, Australia. It's a science center that offers visitors an interactive and hands-on experience with various exhibits and activities. This fascinating tourist spot mainly focuses on promoting science awareness and education in a fun and engaging way.

Questacon's exhibitions are not only fascinating but also informative. They're perfect for students of all ages, especially for those keen on science. Questacon creates an exceptional learning experience by encouraging visitors to remain engaged and curious about the scientific world.

The Q Lab:

One of the most popular exhibits at Questacon is The Q Lab, a space where visitors can perform their experiments and learn about how things work. The Q Lab is a perfect opportunity to learn about science and experiment with new ideas. They provide a variety of tools and materials for visitors to create anything from miniature robots to electric circuits.

H2O zone:

Another incredible exhibition is the H2O zone, where visitors can explore the water's wonders. In this zone, Questacon combines cutting-edge technology and creative design to showcase water's importance in everyday life. Visitors can go on a virtual trip through the water cycle, investigate what happens when water freezes, or learn how engineers manage to make water drinkable. The H2O zone is fun for everyone and makes for an excellent way to spend a day exploring a crucial element of life.

Awesome Earth:

Yet another exciting exhibit is the Awesome Earth section, which teaches visitors how our planet evolves and changes over time. Visitors can experience a simulated earthquake, examine rocks and minerals, and learn how to detect the wind direction. They can also experiment with natural phenomena such as tornadoes and volcanoes, making it a thrilling experience.

Questacon has been a fascinating and popular tourist attraction in Canberra, Australia, for years. Tourists can explore various hands-on exhibits that range from the structure of the Earth to the complexities of the human brain. Visitors will have an exciting, entertaining, and educational day in Questacon, making it the perfect destination for families and tourists.

  • imageDuration Required
    3 hours

Address of Questacon

King Edward Terrace Act, Canberra 2600 Australia

Opening & Closing time of Questacon

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