The Haygoods

The Haygoods are a world-famous band that hails from Branson Mo. This band has popularized the city as a tourist destination for music. Since they began performing over 25 years ago, they have been dazzling audiences with their high-energy shows and unique mix of musical influences.

Their theater is an architectural masterstroke and it rules an enviable prime location in the city. The Haygoods have completely revolutionized the area, turning it into a trailblazing performance theater outfitted with cutting-edge lighting, sound systems, and pulsating effects that transport you to another musical sphere.

The ingenuity and uniqueness of the Haygoods make them stand out from the existing musical gods. They always delve into new approaches and high-tech gadgets, broadening the scope of what can be done in a live environment to enthrall the onlookers. The Haygoods will do all it takes to keep you on the brink of your seats with fantastical aerial stunts and 3D projections.

  • Things to witness at The Haygoods
  • Attend one of The Haygoods' high-octave shows, which feature a unique blend of country, rock, and pop music genres.
  • Marvel at the stunning visual displays, including elaborate lighting, laser shows, and special effects, that complement The Haygoods' music performances.
  • Meet and greet the friendly and approachable Haygoods stars after the show, where they are happy to sign autographs and take selfies with their fans.
  • Explore the Haygoods' theater, which features state-of-the-art technology and design, making for an unforgettable concert experience.
  • Get mesmerized by the aerial stunts and 3D projections that are incorporated into The Haygoods' shows, demonstrating their creativity and uniqueness in live performance.
  • Enjoy the pulsating atmosphere that is created by The Haygoods' passion for their music and their genuine connection with their fans.
  • Learn more about the history of The Haygoods and their journey to becoming one of Branson's most popular attractions.
  • Bring the whole family to experience the music, visuals, and energy of The Haygoods' shows, which are suitable for all ages.
  • Take in the stunning Ozark Mountain scenery that surrounds The Haygoods' theater, which contrives for a stellar backdrop to a memorable evening of music and entertainment.
  • imageDuration Required
    3 hours

Address of The Haygoods

3216 State Hwy 76, Branson, MO 65616, United States

Opening & Closing time of The Haygoods

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday

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