La Vieille Eglise Saint-Vincent Mérignac

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In Mérignac, only twenty minutes from Bordeaux, a former church has been repurposed as an exhibition space focused on photography and plastic arts. The Old Church of Saint Vincent is a Romanesque church that was built in the 12th century and is used as a place for the exhibition today. Its influence extends beyond the Bordeaux agglomeration.

Four different exhibitions focused on photography or the visual arts are held there on an annual basis. Occasionally in conjunction with the European House of Photography, exhibitions devoted to Helmut Newton and Alice Springs, Martin Parr, Sebastio Salgado, and Bettina Rheims were put on display.

In addition, the Old Church is a location that hosts the biennial Mérignac Photographic Festival. The other two locations where this festival is conducted are the airport and the media library.

How to explore La Vieille Eglise Saint-Vincent Mérignac?

  • Made of stone and slate, the bell tower of the church of Saint Vincent punctuates the life of the Mérignacais since it imposes itself on Place Charles de Gaulle and dominates it.
  • It is a magnificent building that contains meticulous details that such as carved heads of men or animals that are formed when the carved arches fall on the porch of the church.
  • Inside, we must not fail to admire the organ whose funding over the centuries has been eventful but which is now bright and imposing. Mixing blue and gold colors, it is reminiscent of the colors that are often assimilated to the Virgin Mary, which can be surprising in that it breaks the dark effect of raw stone and filtered lights.
  • In addition, since the summer of 2010, the square on which the church is erected has been completely rebuilt. Thus, all around Saint Vincent extends a completely paved and pedestrian square, very pleasant and close to several shops, services, and restaurants.

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Address of La Vieille Eglise Saint-Vincent Mérignac

Rue de la Vieille Église, 33700 Mérignac, Bordeaux, France

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La Vieille Eglise Saint-Vincent Mérignac

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