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The beach is about 15 kilometers southeast of the town center at Al Wakrah, a former fishing and pearling village that has developed into a bustling little town. Al Wakrah is situated 10 kilometers south of Doha. The Al Wakrah Family Beach has enough parking, a playground for kids, shaded areas for relaxing, a bathroom, and a shower. You'll have to walk a long way to get to the ocean, especially during low tide. Check out what the beach has to offer you.

Instead of going swimming, visit Al Wakrah Family Beach for a stroll, some playtime in the shallow water, and lunch. Make use of the playgrounds by flying kites, grilling, and kicking a ball. When you reach the sea, you'll notice that the shallow water extends over a wide area, making swimming both perilous and practically impossible.

In any case, it's fun to stroll on the beach. The large seawater pools in between the sand bars, which in our case served as an alluring diversion for the kids, may make it take longer than expected. Kids will enjoy watching a few crabs scamper over the sand, shoals of little fish swimming about their toes, and finding seaweed and a variety of shells to add to their bucket.

Even though it's a far walk, the water's clarity and the sand's smoothness are unmatched. To capture your family having fun in the ethereal Al Wakrah Family Beach's azure ocean, don't forget to bring your camera. It should come as no surprise that there are many beaches to explore as the municipality is located in the southern region of the country. There is a public beach, a dog beach, a beach for families, etc.

The main beach offers three wonderful playgrounds, restrooms, showers, a volleyball court, a soccer field, and BBQ grills in addition to gazebos and umbrellas for shade from the intense noon sun.

Your Ehteraz will be validated by security at the entrance. Currently, barbecues are not allowed, but you are welcome to bring your food and drinks. Use the trash cans to dipose off the waste available on the beach. The gated Al Wakrah Public Beach is located directly behind the Family Beach. Parking and bathrooms are both easily accessible.

These factors have led to Al Wakrah Beach becoming one of Qatar's most well-liked family beaches. It's a flat, wide beach with golden sand that becomes softer and lighter as you move closer to the water. Similar to Simaisma, the sea is far from the beach, especially during low tide.

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Al Wakrah, Qatar

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