Purple Island - Al Khor Island

Beyond Al Khor is Purple Island, a tranquil island surrounded by lush foliage and mangroves. Here you get a chance to connect with nature on this island, apart from the bustle of the metropolis.

The Qatar Museum claims that as early as the beginning of the second millennium BCE, fisherman or pearl divers used it as a transit area, a temporary campground for trade with Bahrain. During the Sassanian Period, it served as a camp for pearling expeditions, and during the Late Islamic Period, it served as a fishing outpost.

The name of the island arose in the second millennium BC when it served as the center of the Kassite-controlled purple dye industry. Purple has long been connected to royalty, which became a booming industry at the time. Purple Island, despite its name, is surprisingly green and a great vacation spot for those who love the outdoors.

Visiting months are from November to February since the temperature is just the right amount of cool at this time of year.

How to explore Purple Island?

- One of the island's attractions is the mangrove forest that grows in shallow lagoons.

- The main landmark of this location is a wooden bridge that spans water channels and mangroves, connecting several hills with a beach on Purple Island. While navigating the wooden walkway alongside the canal, you'll feel a sense of refreshment.

- Every family member has something to do on Purple Island, including leisurely strolls and picnics.

- Hike the entire island and camp on-site for a more rural experience.

- The island's breathtaking natural splendor makes it the perfect location for bird watching, nature walks, and seeing a variety of aquatic creatures.

- You can kayak through the mangroves below the wooden bridge that connects the island's little hills and Purple Island Beach.

- Walking over the salt marshes will give you the joy of viewing fish, crabs, plants and blossoms, fossils, and wildlife.

- In contrast to other sand islands, Purple Island has several little limestone cliffs all over it. Avoid walking barefoot since the ground is covered in numerous crab holes.

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    2 hours

Address of Purple Island - Al Khor Island

Northeast Qatar, an hour's drive from Doha, Al Khor, Qatar

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Purple Island - Al Khor Island

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